NS Partners International Equity Focused


  • Experienced Team: Average tenure of 16 years and a proven track record
  • Unique Investment Philosophy: Emphasizes inflection points in liquidity conditions and stocks with improving economic profitability
  • Differentiated Investment Process: Designed to steer fundamental stock selection to countries with a favorable market environment
  • Focused Risk Management: Employs a factor risk model designed to avoid unintended country, sector or company exposure


  • Long-term growth through investments in equity securities listed on foreign stock exchanges
  • Return Objective: MSCI EAFE Index Net + 3% per annum over a market cycle
  • Risk Objective: 3% – 4% average tracking error per annum over a market cycle


  • Country selection matters – excess money moves both asset markets and economies
  • Economic profitability drives stock selection – securities generating high or improving economic profitability relative to the market will outperform
  • Peer review discipline – revalidate, continually test convictions, ensure tight capital discipline


  • Macroeconomic and Liquidity Analysis
    • Changes in liquidity conditions influence security prices
  • Country Selection
    • Country weights based on conviction, relative return opportunity and risk
  • Stock Selection
    • Focus on securities expected to have improving economic profitability
  • Portfolio Construction
    • Macroeconomic liquidity analysis provides the framework for portfolio construction
    • Portfolio typically holds 50 securities
  • Portfolio Risk and Review
    • Formal monthly meetings to peer review portfolio
    • Employ a factor risk model to avoid unintended country, sector or company exposure
Fund Category
International Equity
Fund Code (A|F)
CCL 1350 | CCL 1351
Management Fee (A|F)
1.90% | 0.90%
Minimum Investment
Subsequent Investment
Risk Level
Low to Medium
Systematic Purchase

AUM data above is updated daily on all days that markets are open.

The Inception date for the NS Partners International Equity Focused Fund is October 7, 2022

More details to come.

Portfolio Manager


Founded in 1988, NS Partners Ltd is an investment manager based in London, England providing actively managed global equity investment management services to major companies, pension funds, foundations, endowments and high net worth individuals around the world. NS Partners Ltd is part of Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group Ltd., one of Canada’s largest privately owned asset management firms responsible for the investment of approximately $98 billion in financial assets through its affiliated investment managers on behalf of institutional, private and retail clients.

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